Who We Are

It all started with founder, Shawn Rodriquez, based in New York. As a businessman that often traveled with a hectic schedule, staying in shape became challenging. Finding a gym and fitting that time into a busy schedule became almost impossible. He needed a mobile functional training method that would help him stay in shape, but also didn’t necessarily need a gym or a long period of time. After doing some research and speaking to a couple trainers, he discovered that loop resistance bands were exactly what he was looking for. These bands provided a complete strength, stretch and stability training platform that is achievable anywhere.

That is when LLR Capital Workout Bands was born! A portable full workout. Our bands include a manual book filled with hundreds of ideas and techniques to make sure you get the best use out of our bands, and that you get that pump you are looking for! The best part, you don’t need to go far. You have a mobile gym right in your hands!.